In Shop Virus Removal is $59

With most computers a virus can be removed in as little as 2 hours and the cost is $59 when you take your computer to our shop. Your computer will safely be cleaned of any virus/mal-ware/ads/nonsense software during our service, and technique used is special and proprietary in that only our company can offer this type 'cleaning'. It's an extremely well designed and effective process where you can honestly expect the performance of your machine to increase to a level often even better than when it was first purchased. Turnaround times when we are busy are only 24 hours at the most, unless other work is required beyond the clean-up/virus removal. If you would like an in-home or onsite service, the cost is a flat rate of $90 - We will take care of whatever you need and will stay for up to 2 hours without the rate increasing. If you have more than one computer at home with a problem, we don't mind fixing them simultaneously to help you reduce cost. And always, the work is warranted for 6 Months.

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Laptop Screen Repair, $165 And Warranted For 1-Year

Laptop Screens Are In-Stock! - If You Schedule With Nick, Screen Repair Can Be Done in Just Minutes by Nick. Also, Your Laptop can be dropped-off for repair anytime 8-5, m-fri. The Total Cost Is $165 for any 15" or smaller and includes 1-year warranty, OR $175 for "17 inch or larger screen, also warranted 1-year. Use A Repair Request Form On This Website and we'll call you ASAP to get your repairs taken care of!

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Laptop DC Power Jack Repair is $75 for Most

For laptop DC Jack / Power Jack Repair the cost is $75 and can be done in as little as 2 hours for almost every laptop where $75 covers everything. If your existing DC Jack is broken badly a replacement jack will not cost you extra. (There are a few laptops that require extensive work to repair the jack, and the labor is intense, so for those few the highest cost is $99, or $85) Only 1 in 20 laptops are of that type, they include gaming laptops and some Sony Vaio. Repairs are warrantied for 180 days. DC Repair Laptops can be dropped-off during normal hours. Or taken in by appointment if preferred. Average turnaround is 24 hours, expedited service is available upon request.

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Appointments Available 9am-6pm, Weekdays Preferred, Weekends by Request

Nick's Laptop Repair is also Nick's Tech, which is an On-Site Computer Repair Service. When you call to make an appointment, you will be asked if you require onsite service or if you have a laptop to be repaired. Nick's Laptop Repair is in East Mesa, on the far east end of Main St / Apache Trail, 2 miles past Power Rd and near the 202 loop at it's farthest east end. Onsite service is done anywhere in the east valley, including Scottsdale, or even San Tan Valley and also Phoenix, And we service the west valley through a trusted parter there. When you call in or send a repair request, you we be answered by Nick or his business partner. We work together and both of our phones are tied into the 480.818.5667 line, that line is a business line, though it can send and receive text messages as well. Even though one of us is often at the shop, sometimes our work requires us to travel and leave the shop. So please understand that our services are by appointment for that reason. Even when there is no one at our shop, we are still partnered with Totally German Auto to give our customers an second option when dropping off and picking up their computers and laptops. This Auto Shop is directly next door to ours. The manager of the auto shop is Ryan, he will assist our customers if they need to drop-off or pick-up a computer during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday. He will allow you to drop off your computer and you'll be asked to fill out a drop-off form. If you have a pickup, you may pay online or over the phone with us, or directly with cash to Ryan if you must pickup while we are away from the shop.

8139 E Main St, Mesa, AZ

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