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Virus Removal Same Day, Warrantied
Laptop Screen Replacement Same Day, Warrantied
Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, 2-3 Day, Warrantied
D.I.Y. Virus Removal & Clean-Up Tool-Kit (Instructions Incl.)

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Nick at Nick's Laptop Repair Shop in Chandler

Buy, Sell & Trade

We have laptops for sale and are adding more every day. We are happy to repair and sell quality laptops that we know are going to last longer than many new ones! We offer warranty and fair prices. And the quality behind these computers is obvious once you begin to use them. The initial formatting and setup applied allows them to run faster and stay running that fast. We educate each customer on operation and how to avoid problems with internet scams/virus. Each machine is already setup to include everything a modern computer should have. See Our Store.

Safe ‘No Data Loss’ Virus Removals

We can take any computer or laptop, even models as old as 2006 and make them run like new again. The service is a simple ‘Clean-Up / Virus Removal’ and is effective if you have a virus or not. Your computer will be thoroughly cleaned and receive all important updates. The method in which this service is executed is highly proprietary and unlike any other. You will not lose any files or programs. It’s just $74 ! Read More…

We Come To You!

Calls are $90 Flat-Rate And Good For Up To 2 Hours. Those 2 Hours Can Easily Cover 85% Of All Our Service Calls. So, If You Are Wondering What It Will Cost, It’s Very Likely That $90 Is Your Total Cost. We Do Accept Credit Cards Out In The Field With Our Mobile Equipment, You Will Receive A Receipt, Invoice And All Proper Documentation. If You Need Us For Longer Than 2 Hours, Then We Can Discuss A Reasonable Cost. Schedule Now!

Appointments 10am-7pm, Mon-Fri

Just North Of Warner Rd on the West Side of Alma School Rd in the Goodyear Pollack Plaza (Suite 104, Next to Diva Nails )

Nick’s Laptop Repair is also an On-Site Computer Repair Service. When you call us, you will be asked if you require onsite service or if you have a laptop to be repaired. Nick’s Laptop Repair has a storefront in Chandler AZ and we operate by appointment Mon-Fri from 10:00am to 7:00pm.